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Meet Terri Tomlinson

Terri Tomlinson is a Dallas based Makeup Artist, Global Educator, Owner of Makeup Training Academy and Creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. Terri has personally trained hundreds of professional Makeup Artists worldwide.

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“Every face has something beautiful about it, and makeup should enhance what that something is.” 

 -Terri Tomlinson

Makeup Artist

Terri is a working makeup artist with over 30 years in the industry. She creates makeup for print, video, Television, film and the real world. She is best known for clean beauty and camera-ready makeup.

Global Educator

Terri opened Makeup Training Academy in Dallas in 2010 offering professional makeup training to new and existing artists. Classes are technically focused so artists can work in all mediums. She also works with brands on creating education as well as development. 

Beauty Innovator

While in Paris, Terri discovered a liquid makeup that was so superior to anything she had used, she decided to bring it to her students. Under her own private-label, Terri compiles palettes that are inclusive, long wearing, versatile and classic. Camera-tested, cruelty-free and beautiful in all mediums.

More About Terri Tomlinson

terri tomlinson makeup artist

Terri Tomlinson

Makeup Artist, Educator


Terri Tomlinson is a working makeup artist, global educator and creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. She has worked in the beauty and production industries for 30 years and opened Makeup Training Academy in 2010. Terri currently travels the world teaching her new method of color theory in neutrals, works with cosmetic brands on color development and trains professional makeup artists.

Her mission is for The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ and color theory in neutral to be the standard by which all makeup artists learn and work with color theory.

As a working makeup artist, Terri began her career working with lines like Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives. Later after studying makeup for camera at MUD she began working in the production industry. There she created super natural camera ready makeup for all mediums, focusing on HD and commercial print.

In 2010 she opened Makeup Training Academy in order to share her experience and offer professional makeup education to north Texas. Makeup Training Academy focuses on “old school” application, technical skill, theory and a strong understanding of the industry.

In 2017 Terri created The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ for her students to use while in class. The wheel was an instant success and changed the way Terri worked with color theory. Color Theory in nuetral brings the principles of color theory to life for the working makeup artist. It is brilliant! The success of the wheel and Terri’s method has led to working with brands, schools and artists all over the world.

Terri’s Makeup Studio is located at 15713 Quorum Dr Addison TX 75001
Hours are: Wednesday – Saturday by appointment.

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….Using The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ we will show you the best colors for you, apply them so you see the results and answer all of your questions with your personalized guide…

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Flesh Tone Color Wheel

A tool and a guide for anyone who works with skin. The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ shows examples for skin tone, highlight, contour, analogous and complementary colors.

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HD Fluid Makeup is a medium to full coverage liquid makeup that gives a smooth velvety finish to the skin. Made for camera, this fluid makeup gives long wear. Can be powdered or worn alone for a more dewy finish. Silicone base with a touch of oil is what gives this fluid great coverage, long wear and a beautiful look.

Makeup 101 Products

Rescue Palette

Rescue Palette

This small 10-color box can help “rescue” your makeup for any situation. Can be used to create a foundation, concealer, corrector, highlight, contour, eye, cheek and lip colors. Also, is great for adjusting other creams and liquids

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During normal office hours, you can reach Terri’s office at 945-243-7063. Before/after normal operating hours, you may send us a message by using the attached form.

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